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More wisdomOctober 28, 2020 at 10:50pm
Hi to my pesticide friends, i havnt posted for a while due to illness and have just got home after a major surgery.
I have a at least one more coming up in the next 6months and quite a battle ahead of me.

Despite this i am feeling happy to be back home😜
I am determined to get back to sharing knowledge on chemical poisoning, industry harm and manipulation of science and alternative practice to keep our friends safe and informed...

Since choosing a name such as morewisdom one must embody this concept which i will be attempting to do by being as wise as possible which in this case is too protect my own health first so that much can be achieved further down the path.

Just wanted to keep anyone following my pages up to date and assure them we gonna kick some Govt and Corporate ass very soon, i have a few videos which were recorded a while ago which i will start posting shortly and will continue to put together an A-Z guide on chemical poisoning for friends to share around.

More wisdom
More wisdomSeptember 21, 2020 at 4:56am
Bayer Monsanto pay out 10 billion to cancer claimants so they can take the discussion back to the scientific and regulatory arena.

Which of course was bought and paid for many years ago, they control much of the science either directly from industry commissioned research or indirectly threw funding universities and research labs and the occupational science industry, the EPA play ball and are happy to receive there cut.

Companies like Bayer are happy to poison us with their pesticides then market us their pharmaceutical solutions for the illnesses created, great business for those devoid of any human morals😡

In my view Bayer are guilty of knowingly committing crimes against humanity and should be treated simular to other organised crime syndicates by our legal and enforcement agencies.

Whats the difference between a Columbian drug cartel and Bayer Monsanto?

hmmm not sure both cause much harm, make trillions and have not a care for any illness or effect their products cause, i suppose the main difference is the cartel can be prosecuted if caught and Bayer cannot.
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More wisdomSeptember 15, 2020 at 12:08am
Still selling in NZ, we seem to be at least a decade behind the rest of the developed world.

NZ has third world health and safety conditions, at least the US children can enjoy a semi healthy apple from the supermarket
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More wisdom
More wisdomSeptember 13, 2020 at 6:01am
I recently wrote an article for NZ Organics on hydrothermal weed management, whilst doing this i got to speak with Matt Kirby from Safe Weed Control about his hot water and foam weed treatment called Foamstream, this product and service is just awesome and can really help us solve some of our reliance on old fashioned chemical control methods.

this type of green technology needs community support as it is the way of the future, the more its used the less frequent treatment is required, its safe for our children, our pets, the operators and the environment.

If we want to move away from chemical reliance or just want to keep our families and pets safe while cleaning up the driveway or weeding the garden get in touch with safe weed control.

Auckland only but hoping they come to my town soon!!!
More wisdom
More wisdomSeptember 11, 2020 at 1:22pm
Pesticide exposure and small penis size, a scientific link has been found through hormone changes which can manifest in the next generation...

Atrazine a herbicide readily available in NZ has been shown to cause major reproductive damage in many animal studies, these include sex hormone changes and 20% decrease in penis size in the male offspring of exposed mothers.

This research is also thought to be applicable to humans...

My hypothesis is due to the mentality of those who love spraying poisons around, many are already experiencing this problem and are making up for their inadequacies by killing all our wildlife.

Seriously though the implications of these types of toxins is very disturbing indeed, think about the reproductive problems that all life will face if we lower testosterone and increase estrogen in our Male offspring, this can and will lead to infertility and much gender confusion.

Increases in estrogen for women is also a worrying health issue as many gynecological cancers and early puberty issues arise...