As a young man I was a dreamer, I have always spent long periods of time contemplating the world around me, I became aware that our history as a race had certain periods of time where great social changes took place, one of my dreams was to be a part of a great movement that helped bring a maturity to our existence.

Although it was before my time the age of Flower Power was inspiring for me, the idea of a movement born out of love and not fear or control was a refreshingly new concept.

We are now at the beginning of an even greater period of social change, We the people are starting to vote with our wallets on issues of sustainability, moral industry, and environmental issues.

Although this people power movement is in its early stages, our latest generation to hit the workforce the Millennial’s bring with them a movement of change which we the slightly older generations need to embrace, encourage and participate in.

Identifying the problems

More Wisdom is an environmental health organisation and is greatly concerned with the environmental factors which contribute to or cause bad health outcomes within society; as such we are often confronted with challenges to put forward solutions to our issues rather than just identifying where change is needed.

Our main area of focus is chemical poisoning of human populations, as there are few international groups sharing knowledge in this area of health, but when we look at the bigger picture of toxic harm to our environment our animals and insects, we see that many environmental health factors are contributing to the growing pandemic of toxic harm on our planet.

International research is now catching up with harm caused and a raft of epidemiological study is now strongly illustrating the level of damage caused by toxic agents.

We are seeing air pollution studies linking long term health problems with exposure to air born toxic pollutants, highlighting many cancers and neurodegenerative conditions on the rise.

We are also seeing similar research in water born toxic pollutants, which are discharged into our waterways from many industrial factories and businesses; these are being better recognised as causing detrimental health outcomes to surrounding populations as well as causing significant environmental damage.

Pesticides/heavy metals/solvents/radiation poisoning are becoming more widespread and also have been strongly linked through epidemiology as contributing to declining health/ lowered sperm rates/ mental illness/ neurodegenerative disease/ Rising Autism and ADHD rates and of course cancers.

The international study on exposure to environmental toxins is heating up and much science is being produced which shows reproductive harm from all of the above mentioned toxicants, many have now been identified as causing harm from as early as conception and a cause and effect relationship for exposures during pregnancy has been firmly established with many toxic compounds.

The problem is that the use of toxic compounds is so widespread that an economic collapse would ensue if we just banned or stopped using them, yet the harm to our people animals and planet cannot continue without more consequences of disease and suffering.


The solution to these problems is difficult; More Wisdom believes that the toxics causing the most harm need to be banned immediately, those already identified as persistent organic pollutants (POP’S) by the Stockholm convention should be reclassified as unsafe.

The area where we believe the most change will come about is all those who have had enough of greedy corporations acting immorally, start joining together in an international movement supporting companies who give back to their communities and blacklisting those who do not, those companies who actively improve their environmental practices need support.

The economic force this will create will be a power unparalleled in the history of our planet, a movement of people power which cannot be controlled by industry or the state, all united in a common goal of enough is enough.

This movement is born out of need and is pure; it will not be corrupted by economics as we will provide the economic backlash for all offending parties, the power created will be protected by the simplicity of the goal, the Environment before profit!!!

Commercial reality will be “clean up your act and comply or lose your market share to a younger more innovative company showing they can do the same job but without perpetrating mass harm on the planet”, after a few corporations start to fall, the rest will listen!!!

We the PEOPLE have stood silent long enough, We will overcome the learned helplessness that has been taught to us from a young age; We will reclaim our POWER and force a change through constructive peaceful measures, we cannot afford to fail and we will not, the time to change our toxic legacy is now.

                                      WE ARE THE SOLUTION!!!